Roasted Flavoured Nuts

Roasted flavored nuts are a delightful and savory snack that combines the natural goodness of nuts with a burst of tantalizing flavors. Lookman Foodstuff Trading LLC offers a range of premium roasted and flavored nuts that are meticulously crafted to provide a delicious and satisfying snacking experience. Our selection of roasted flavored nuts includes a variety of options to suit different taste preferences. Some popular choices include: Salted Almonds: Crunchy almonds roasted to perfection and seasoned with a touch of salt, offering a classic and savory flavor. Honey Roasted Cashews: Cashews coated in a luscious honey glaze and roasted to create a delightful balance of sweetness and nuttiness. BBQ Pistachios: Roasted pistachios seasoned with a savory and smoky BBQ flavor, providing a deliciously addictive snacking option. Spicy Peanuts: Peanuts roasted with a kick of spice, offering a fiery flavor that adds excitement to your snacking experience. Cinnamon Pecans: Pecans coated with a delicate layer of cinnamon and roasted to perfection, delivering a delightful blend of sweetness and warmth. Wasabi Almonds: Almonds coated with a zesty wasabi seasoning, providing a unique and bold flavor for those who enjoy a bit of heat. Chocolate-covered Hazelnuts: Roasted hazelnuts enrobed in smooth and rich chocolate, creating an irresistible combination of crunch and sweetness.

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